Former Secretary Mike Pompeo Warns Against Ceasefire In Israel

In a recent Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed grave concerns over the potential consequences of the U.S. pushing for a ceasefire in Israel. Pompeo’s message centered on the idea that such a move could have catastrophic implications for both Israelis and Americans.

Pompeo’s warnings come in the wake of an unprecedented terrorist attack by Hamas, which claimed the lives of more than 1,400 people in Israel and saw over 200 people kidnapped. In response, Israel has launched a counter-attack on the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip in hopes of securing the release of Hamas hostages. While many have called for Israel to cease fire, Pompeo is joining those against the idea, arguing that prioritizing America’s interests means supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to eliminate Hamas entirely.

“If you put America first, you definitely want Prime Minister Netanyahu to do both his duty, that is to destroy Hamas and to complete that mission in its entirety. You don’t need him having a second front here in America. You’re fighting Hamas, and now you’re fighting the Biden administration, fighting a Biden administration that’s simply lost its way. It forgets already now, just short of four weeks, what actually happened there and is trying to restrain them.”

Pompeo did not mince words in criticizing Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) for advocating a ceasefire in exchange for the release of hostages held by Hamas. While acknowledging the importance of bringing American hostages home, Pompeo emphasized that accepting such a deal could lead to further threats to Israel and more casualties among Israelis and Americans.

“We want all the hostages home. We want every American home,” Pompeo stated. “We’ve had Americans killed. But make no mistake about it, if Netanyahu were to take that deal and get the hostages out in exchange for letting Hamas continue to threaten Israel, it would only result in the death of more Israelis and more Americans.”

In a concluding remark, Pompeo highlighted what he believed to be a critical oversight in the Biden administration’s proposal of a humanitarian pause in its attack on Gaza. He argued that the real problem at the heart of the conflict is Iran, asserting that continuing to provide Iran with financial resources, including the recently mentioned $7 billion, would only escalate the situation and pose significant risks to Israel, Gulf Arab States facing threats from Yemen, and the United States itself.

In his words: “Lastly, Sean, I heard President Biden speak today, and I heard Secretary Blinken speak today. Neither of them identified the real problem here, which is Iran. They continue to coddle, they’re giving them $7 billion that has fueled and set the context for the barbaric actions about which you spoke and Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken. To give Iran more time, more money, a ceasefire would only create enormous risk for Israel, for the Gulf Arab States that are having rockets fired from Yemen, and for us here in home in America as well.”