Houston Homeowner Defends Property Against Armed Burglars

In a daring act of self-defense, a courageous 60-year-old homeowner in west Houston protected his property from suspected car burglars last weekend. 

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. on June 10 at a residence on Woodway Drive near Fondren Road, as reported by Houston police to KTRK-TV. The homeowner, utilizing his surveillance cameras, observed the suspects attempting to breach his fence.

Displaying a strong will to safeguard his home and belongings, the homeowner ordered the intruders to leave. Unfortunately, one of the perpetrators, choosing violence, brandished a firearm and began firing shots.

Thankfully, the homeowner was not defenseless. Prepared for such a threat, he exercised his Second Amendment right and returned fire, hitting one of the assailants multiple times. 

The wounded suspect hurriedly retreated through the fence, seeking shelter at a nearby stairwell. He later succumbed to his injuries despite efforts to keep him alive at the hospital.

The homeowner sustained a gunshot wound to his leg during the exchange but is not in any life-threatening condition as he is currently receiving medical attention at a hospital. According to police, he is cooperating fully with the investigation. 

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the second suspect remain unknown, leaving investigators with the crucial task of locating him as authorities said he fled the scene on foot.

Providing insights into the ongoing investigation, Lieutenant R. Willkens revealed that “the other suspect… must have left with a gun because we can’t find the other weapon… We have a decent video we’re working with.”

As officers continue their diligent efforts, it is unclear, at this time, if any charges will be filed, according to ABC13.

This incident sheds light on the pervasive issue of theft and car break-ins that have plagued the area, as there has been a concerning trend of increased crime throughout the city. That same day, in a span of just twelve hours overnight, police said they responded to a staggering seven shooting incidents. Three of them proved fatal.