Hunter Biden Files Motion To Subpoena Trump In Criminal Case

Son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has filed a motion in federal court to subpoena former President Donald Trump, former Attorney General William Barr, and other Trump-admin Justice Department officials. The motion alleges that these officials were involved in a partisan pressure campaign to investigate and prosecute Hunter.

Facing three federal gun charges, Hunter contends that communications between Trump and Justice Department officials during his tenure suggest that there was more than just the appearance of improper pressure to pursue investigations against him. Hunter’s legal team argues that this pressure was an attempt to advance Trump’s partisan agenda.

“Mr. Biden seeks specific information from three former DOJ officials and the former President that goes to the heart of his defense that this is, possibly, a vindictive or selective prosecution arising from an unrelenting pressure campaign beginning in the last administration, in violation of Mr. Biden’s Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution,” the motion reads.

In the filing, Hunter contends that the push for more severe charges against him was part of a partisan effort to make his prosecution a focal point of the election. He specifically named House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO), accusing them of participating in a “sustained, almost-nonstop public pressure campaign” to pressure prosecutors into bringing charges.

“It is clear no measure of charges against Mr. Biden will ever be enough to appease Chairmen Comer and Smith and their MAGA allies,” his attorneys wrote.

This move is part of Hunter’s defense in a federal trial where he has pleaded not guilty to three felony counts related to his 2018 purchase and possession of a firearm without disclosing that he was a drug user.

Initially, a plea agreement encompassing both the unlawful firearm purchase and misdemeanor tax charges had been in place. However, it fell through in July when a federal judge raised questions about its terms.

Republicans, in their criticism of the entire investigation, have labeled the old plea agreement as a “sweetheart deal.” They also maintain that additional charges should have been brought against Hunter in the subsequent indictment in September.

This legal battle takes place in the context of a broader investigation into the Bidens. Claims of influence peddling and alleged financial transactions during Joe Biden’s vice presidency have fueled the inquiry, even as the White House vehemently denies any wrongdoing on the first family’s part.