Letitia James Booed At Firefighters Ceremony

A speech by New York Attorney General Letitia James was interrupted multiple times by supporters of former President Donald Trump. James was billed to give a speech at the swearing-in ceremony of the New York City Fire Department’s first responders.

But as she walked on the stage, a part of the crowd showered her with boos amid claps from others.

In an attempt to get the tough crowd to stop their booing, the Democrat prosecutor said, “Oh, c’mon, we’re in a house of God.”

When the boos did not stop as she began to give her speech, she said, “Simmer down.”

She moved on to give her remarks, saying, “I wanna thank Commissioner Kavanagh and Chief Hodgens for that recognition…”

At that point, she was again interrupted as the chants broke into chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

James managed to complete her address. After that, FDNY Chief John Hodgens, one of whom she named in her speech, rebuked the crowd that aired the feelings about the prosecutor.

“Today’s ceremony was about one thing: the accomplishments of the members being promoted. The members whose behavior distracted from that celebration were an embarrassment and not befitting of the world’s best fire department,” he said.

James pursued the civil fraud trial against Trump in New York, accusing him of inflating his net worth to get more favorable loans. The Attorney General, who ran for her position on the promise to prosecute Trump, recently celebrated Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision to side with her in the case as well as the $454 million fine in total the judge imposed on the GOP presidential candidate.

In a tweet to social media after the ruling, she had written, “$464,576,230.62” in a seeming jab at the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Trump, who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the case, has appealed Engoron’s ruling, accusing the judge of committing “errors of law and/or fact.” The appeals court is scheduled to hear arguments on the case starting March 11.