Mike Pence Says Israel Has To Invade Rafah

Former Vice President Mike Pence said that Israel has no choice but to invade the city of Rafah in order to eliminate Hamas’ last stronghold on Gaza and terminate the terrorist group completely.

During a speech at the Hudson Institute’s annual Hertog Forum, Pence stated, Whatever position the current administration or voices in my own party take, here’s the reality: Israel has no choice but to invade Rafah and to hunt down and destroy Hamas once and for all.”

“The war should end when Israel’s military goals are achieved and every hostage is home and not a moment sooner. And I believe the American people will stand with Israel in that fight,” he continued.

“Instead of demanding arbitrary limitations on Israel’s military response, I believe our president should make it clear that Iran will pay a steep price as well, a steep price if it continues to attempt to escalate the violence through its proxies in Gaza, in Yemen, in Lebanon, and in Syria. I welcome reports today that Israel struck an arms depot run by Hezbollah, on the outskirts of Damascus. And let me be clear, America should fully support Israel’s effort to secure her northern border from Hezbollah,” the former vice president added.

Pence’s remarks come amid calls for a cease-fire by Democrats and a push for alternatives by the Biden administration. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, however, insisted on the plan, as he said that country “had no choice” but to move into Rafah. According to him, the country is “very existence is on the line.”

Netanyahu believes the planned invasion of Rafah will launch Israel into victory. Speaking to a group of U.S. Congress Members last week, he said, “We’ve killed many senior leaders [of Hamas], including number four in Hamas, number three in Hamas. We’ll get number two and number one. That’s victory. Victory is within reach. It’s a few weeks away.”

On Sunday, the prime minister reportedly approved operational plans for an incursion into Gaza.

Brushing off the international pressure to desist from the move, he said, “We will enter Rafah and eliminate Hamas, and without that, there is no victory. The government is working to evacuate residents before invading Rafah (…) and we will enter the city despite the opposition of US President (Joe) Biden.”