Netanyahu Says Israel Is Close To Defeating Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that Israel is very close to victory in its ongoing war with terrorist group Hamas. In a public statement on Wednesday, he described the nation’s closeness to victory as “just a touch away.”

In his words, “Now we are in Khan Younis, and we have guided the IDF to go into these last strongholds of Hamas. Here, again, when the time comes, the IDF, according to international law, will enable the civilians a safe passage outside these areas. The destruction of this underground is what we are going to do until the very end.”

Going on to emphasize that “there is no other solution other than this complete and decisive victory,” he added that the only way for Israel to be secure is for Hamas to be destroyed.

“I said to the (U.S.) Secretary of State Anthony Blinken we’re just a touch away, a finger away from that decisive victory,” he said before going on to address the families of the Israeli hostages still held by Hamas.

“Your dearly beloved are always in our hearts,” he stated. “We’re looking at you; we’re looking at them, their pictures, and our heart is broken. And we will not stop acting the whole time trying to find some kind of agreement; some way of bringing them home. Continuing this pressure is a condition; it’s an unequivocal situation and we must achieve their release, because if we do not we are going to bring a terrible catastrophe to the state of Israel if we stop.”

Netanyahu’s message comes the same day the Biden administration told the prime minister that the U.S. is concerned about Israel’s mission to destroy Hamas.

Per Axios, Secretary of State Tony Blinken spoke to both Natanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in Jerusalem on Wednesday and voiced concerns regarding a possible expansion of Israel’s military operation into Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. According to Blinken, the concerns are based on the fear that such an operation will cause mass casualties if civilians in the area are not evacuated first.