Nikki Haley SHUTS Down Trump’s Lead In Polls

In a recent interview on “Fox News Sunday,” former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) brushed aside former President Donald Trump’s commanding lead in the polls and suggested that it doesn’t translate to strong candidacy. According to her, his domination of the polls won’t translate to votes.

The former UN ambassador said this when anchor Shannon Bream pointed out that Trump currently enjoys a substantial lead of 30 to 40 points over the rest of the field, prompting the crucial question: “How do you convince voters to abandon somebody that is up 30 or 40 points?”

In response, Haley acknowledged Trump’s strong support and the merits of his policies but went on to raise concerns about the “drama and chaos” that seemed to follow him incessantly. 

According to Haley, whether justified or not, this constant turmoil has an impact on the American people, as she argued that a significant portion of the American electorate has grown weary of the negativity, chaos, and drama associated with the former president.

The former governor drew attention to the historical record, noting that the Republican Party had paid a price for this drama in previous elections. She stressed the need for a candidate who could not only secure the primary but also win the general election.

In her view, this requires a new Republican leader who could beat Joe Biden by a substantial margin, ranging between nine and thirteen points. Such a victory, she argued, would benefit Republicans not only in presidential races but also in gubernatorial and congressional elections.

Despite Haley’s assertions, Trump continues to dominate the polls, even surpassing President Joe Biden in some polls, such as the YouGov/CBS News Poll, which shows Trump with a three-point lead nationally. 

Also, a CNN poll found that Trump had gained three points over Biden among “men of color” voters. With 49% supporting Trump and 46% backing Biden, the polling results indicate a potentially huge shift in support within this demographic, as only 12% of black male voters voted for Trump in the 2020 election, while 87% went for Biden.