Riley Gaines Fires Back At Dem Who Called Her ‘Transphobic’

Former collegiate swimmer-turned-activist Riley Gaines called Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA) a misogynist after the Democrat rep called her “transphobic” during a hearing before the House Oversight Subcommittee on Health on Tuesday.

The fiery part of the hearing started when Lee, a member of the “Squad,” accused Gaines and other witnesses testifying on behalf of female athletes of being “transphobic” for testifying in opposition of the Biden administration’s proposed rule changes to Title IX that would allow transgender students to participate on teams that match their so-called gender identity.

“It’s disappointing to me that although the title of this hearing implies a much-needed discussion we’re likely going to be forced to listen to transphobic bigotry. Because actually protecting female athletes and Title IX is important. Participating in sports provides so many benefits to our young people,” she argued.

“Madam Chair, I ask that while we sit through this hearing and the hateful misinformation I’m sure is coming our way, let us not forget the children at the core of this issue,” she added.

In response, Gaines agreed that there truly is a place for everyone to play sports. However, she spoke against “unsafe, unfair, and discriminatory practices.”

“Inclusion cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness, and ranking member Lee, if my testimony makes me transphobic then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist,” she added, going after Lee.

Visibly upset by Gaines’ remark, the lawmaker called for a point of order seconds into another witness’ testimony and asked for the comment to be removed from the record. After a brief discussion between the committee, she withdrew the point of order.

During the hearing, Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), who led the proceedings also spoke against the inclusion of men in women’s sports. “Quite simply, men do not belong in women’s sports… That this needs to be said out loud is really kind of a sad reflection of where the other side is on this issue. There should be no debate about this,” she stated.

A video of the exchange between Gaines and Lee was posted to X and Gaines commented on it, tweeting, “If we want to restore sanity in America, it’s our job to call out hypocrites. Don’t be afraid to do it. And do it often.”

In another response to a post regarding the incident, the former swimmer wrote, “And I stand by that. As do the records considering her move to strike my words didn’t work the way she wanted.”

Gaines’ testimony and tough stance during the hearing earned her support from many conservatives, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who tweeted, “The Biden administration’s Title IX rewrite is a direct attack on women’s rights.”

“@Riley_Gaines_ has more courage than many of our elected officials, who let men compete in women’s sports and invade female-only spaces instead of standing up to pressure from left-wing activists,” he added.

Lee also addressed the hearing on her page, calling it “yet another extremist Republican hearing attacking trans kids.”

“What a cruel, unserious party,” she tweeted.