Tim Scott Blames Biden For Israel-Hamas War 

In a Tuesday interview, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) placed the blame for the ongoing Middle East conflict squarely on President Joe Biden’s shoulders. Speaking with the Associated Press, the presidential candidate asserted that the president “has blood on his hands” for the ongoing war.

Emphasizing the importance of holding those accountable for their actions, Scott stressed that the Biden administration had projected weakness to the world, which, in his view, had invited not only the recent attacks but also posed a threat of further terror attacks worldwide.

Scott did not shy away from addressing the pro-Palestinian sentiments expressed by certain members of Congress, including “The Squad” and the Democratic Socialists of America. He firmly stated, “If the DSA and their friends are going to behave like a hate group, we should treat them like a hate group.”

During the interview, in which Scott outrightly condemned the series of unprovoked and brutal attacks carried out by Hamas terrorists on Israeli soldiers and civilians, he stated that those responsible for these attacks should “feel the wrath of God” in response to their actions. 

Furthermore, he hinted that these terrorists might soon encounter the might of Israeli or American military forces. In his words: “And they need to meet some Israeli or American military hardware to help them on their way.”

Regarding Biden’s role in the conflict, Scott took to X to raise concerns about the recent $6 billion in funds released to Iran. “What did Iran say about Biden’s $6B ransom? They said they’d use it however they like. What did Hamas say to Iran? They said thank you for your support. Biden’s weakness invited the attack. Biden’s negotiation funded the attack,” he stated.

Scott’s views align with those of other Republicans, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), who have accused Biden of indirectly supporting the Hamas attacks through his policies. Many have insisted that Biden’s decision to unfreeze Iran’s oil revenue and his approach to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had contributed to the current turmoil in the Middle East.

“War is raging in Israel because Joe Biden unfroze $6 billion for Iran, fueling the terrorism in Gaza,” Nehls stated.