Tim Scott Brushes Off Trump’s Running Mate Hint

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), subtly brushed off former President Donald Trump’s recent comments suggesting he could serve as his running mate. 

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump had commended Scott and suggested that the senator could be a valuable addition to his administration if he were to win the White House in 2024.

When asked about Trump’s remarks in a Tuesday interview with Fox News Digital ahead of his town hall event in Salem, New Hampshire, Scott spoke highly of the former president, describing him as a “good guy.” 

While he expressed his admiration for Trump, the running mate who is the only Black Republican in the Senate dismissed the idea of serving as Trump’s vice president, stating, “I think he’s overqualified to be my vice president.”

Highlighting his positive working relationship with Trump, Scott responded, “I will simply say this — the former president is a good guy. We get along really well. At the end of the day I am running because I believe America can do for anyone what she has done for me. We’re going to continue to restore hope, create opportunities, and protect the America we love.”

During the Sunday interview, Trump had praised other candidates in the Republican primary, acknowledging their talent and indicating that he had already contemplated potential running mates. 

When host Maria Bartiromo asked if there was any GOP presidential candidate who Trump saw as a potential vice president, he responded, “Possibly. I mean, I think you have some good people on the stage. Actually, I think you have some very talented people. I’ve been impressed by some of them. Some of them I’m very friendly with.”

While the leading GOP candidate refrained from revealing specific names, he mentioned that several candidates have reached out to him expressing their interest in the position. 

When the conversation turned to Tim Scott, Trump responded positively. “I think he’s a very good guy. And we did opportunity zones together. It’s never been talked about. It’s one of the most successful economic development things ever done in this country. And Tim is very good,” he started.

He then went on to acknowledge Scott’s talents and indicate that he could envision the South Carolina senator playing a role in his administration.

“I mean, I could see Tim doing something with the administration, but he’s in right now campaigning… But Tim is a talented guy, and you have other very talented people,” he stated.​​