Dem Presidential Candidate Calls Biden’s Border A ‘Disaster’

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) blasted President Joe Biden for the illegal immigrant crisis at the U.S. Southern Border. While highlighting issues where he disagrees with Biden’s ideas and policies during NewsNation’s Democratic Presidential Forum on Friday with other longshot Democrat candidates, Phillip slammed Biden for what the border situation has become under him, calling it “an unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster.”

In his words, “I’ve been there twice. It is an unmitigated, embarrassing, unforgivable disaster, and Democrats, as Cenk said earlier, have to wake up to the truth.”

Phillips then went on to say that the Democratic Party might have a reduced chance of winning the presidential election in November because the party has not taken any real action to fix the situation at the border.

Admitting that Republican presidential candidates listen to voters, the Democrat said, “And I think it’s time that Democrats do, and I’m afraid that President Biden is at a stage where he has lost the ability to legitimately listen.”

Moving on from the southern border crisis and policy issues, Phillips criticized Biden for not participating in presidential events organized by and for Democrats. According to him, his refusal to participate is not only disrespectful to the voters but also to the entire country.

Phillips remarks about Biden comes days after he accused Biden of blackballing him and preventing him from

According to the congressman, left-wing media either do not let him appear on their platform or do not treat him half as well as they treat other low-polling candidates who are challenging Biden’s Republican rival, former President Donald Trump.

Hinting that he gets a different treatment from right-winged media outlets, he said, “Right media has been more than invitational. I don’t think there’s an MSNBC viewer that even knows that I’m a congressman, because what’s being portrayed is designed to prevent that education.”