Democrat Rep. Carjacked At Gunpoint 

In an incident that unfolded on Monday night, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) found himself at the mercy of carjackers in the heart of Washington, D.C. The incident, reported by White House Correspondent Laura Barrón-López, occurred outside his apartment building.

Cuellar, who represents a district along the U.S. southern border, was thankfully unharmed during the harrowing ordeal. 

The news came quickly as Cuellar’s car was recovered approximately an hour after the incident. However, the alarming details of the event raised further concerns about safety in the city.

During the frightening ordeal, the assailants reportedly held firearms to Cuellar’s head and also forcibly took his cell phone.

According to an alert issued in the area, the suspects were described as three black males. The alert read, “Alert: Armed Carjacking Investigation at the intersection of K street and New Jersey Avenue SE. Taken was a white Honda CHR with TX tags [redacted]. Lookout for three black males wearing all black clothing.” 

Sadly, this is not the first incident involving violence against lawmakers in Washington D.C. Earlier this year, in February, Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) faced an assault in an elevator at her D.C. apartment building.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department later apprehended the suspect, 26-year-old Kendrick Hamlin, charging him with simple assault. 

“I was assualted violently, punched in the face. He grabbed my neck. He wasn’t gonna let me out of that elevator if I hadn’t fought my way out,” she recounted, speaking to a reporter.

Later explaining how she escaped the situation, the Congresswoman stated, “My morning coffee really saved the day yesterday, but not exactly how I expected it to.”

“On a serious note, I will also say that I was very, very lucky that I was not more injured — and I’ll have more to say about that soon,” she added in the statement she released at the time.

Craig had gone on to express her gratitude for the support she received, saying, “I wanted to let everyone know that the outpouring of support from friends, constituents and colleagues has been overwhelming.”

She also commended the law enforcement officers for their swift response and the subsequent arrest of the suspect.