Idaho Father Accused Of Killing Neighbors Over Indecent Exposure

A man from Kellogg, Idaho, identified as Majorjon Kaylor, has been charged with first-degree murder and burglary after allegedly entering his neighbor’s house and fatally shooting four individuals, including a minor, on Father’s Day. 

The incident follows mounting tensions between Kaylor, 31, and his neighbors after an incident involving Kenna Guardipee, 41, her son Devin Smith, 18, and her father Kenneth, 65. Reports suggest that Smith allegedly exposed himself to Kaylor’s wife and juvenile daughters through a window.

This incident, coupled with concerns over Smith’s suspicious behavior towards his children, left Kaylor increasingly alarmed. In an attempt to address the situation, he confronted the Guardipees, expressing his worries about Smith’s actions. However, he felt his concerns were not being taken seriously by his neighbors, according to court records. 

Frustrated and feeling a heightened sense of protectiveness towards his family, Kaylor admitted to investigators that he “snapped” and decided to take matters into his own hands.

On that fateful day on June 17, he allegedly stormed into the Guardipees’ residence after Smith allegedly exposed his privates to his daughters. An argument broke out between the two families, and in the heat of the encounter, Kaylor gunned down Kenna and Kenneth on their back porch. The victims reportedly succumbed to fatal gunshot wounds to the right temple.

Inside the house, detectives discovered the lifeless body of Smith, found on his knees in a bedroom, with gunshot wounds to the head. They also found a 16-year-old boy with a point-blank gunshot wound to his right temple. Due to his status as a juvenile, the court has withheld the release of his name.

In an affidavit obtained by Fox News, Kaylor expressed his suspicions and concern for the safety of his children, labeling Smith as a pedophile. According to his wife Kaylie, Kaylor had told authorities that he would “take care” of any case of indecent exposure 

Kaylor, now facing charges that could potentially lead to the death penalty if convicted, remains in custody without bond. 

Per ABC News, the charging documents suggest that the shootings of the older victims were “premeditated and/or to execute vengeance,” while the other killings were allegedly ”premeditated, to executive vengeance, and/or committed in the perpetration of burglary.” Kaylor’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 3.