Jackson Lee Blasted For Blaming Moon Gaffe On Republicans

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) made matters worse for herself when she tried to turn tables in order to divert attention from her gaffe about the moon being “made of gases.”

The lawmaker made the incorrect claim while addressing a crowd of students at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston on the day of the eclipse.

“Sometimes, you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete rounded circle which is made up mostly of gases, and that’s why the question is why or how could we as humans live on the Moon? Are the gases such that we could do that?” she told the students.

Jackson Lee also described the moon as a “planet” and gave an inaccurate explanation of the reason for the solar eclipse.

“I don’t think we’ve been on the moon the last 50 years,” she said. “So we will be landing on the moon. What you’ll see today will be the closest distance that the moon has ever been in the last 20 years. Which means that’s why they will shut the light down because they will be close to the Earth, which is an amazing experience. You will be able to tell because there will be complete darkness” she stated, adding, “I don’t know about you, I want to be first in line to know how to live and to be able to survive on the moon. That’s another planet which we’re going to see shortly.”

The Democrat’s speech made rounds on social media with many pointing out her scientific errors. But she was not going to take the criticism in good stride. Instead, she insulted Republicans, calling them “foolish thinkers.”

In response to a post by the Republican National Committee Research account on her error, she wrote, “Obviously I misspoke and meant to say the sun, but as usual, Republicans are focused on stupid things instead of stuff that really matters. What can I say though, foolish thinkers lust for stupidity!”

She then made a couple of posts making the issue about what her political opponents are not doing right. “They should be focusing on issues like prenatal care, building more affordable housing, and more reduction of student loan debt as President Joe Biden is,” she wrote.

“Also, I care more about these children who would not have experienced the eclipse in this enthusiastic manner. And, I care more about protecting the rights of women and children than engaging in this kind of senseless dialogue!” she added.

Jackson Lee’s attempt to turn the tables only attracted more criticism and mockery to her, with Radio host and conservative commentator Kenny Webster commenting, “Yeah, Republicans forced you to ramble incoherently. Of course.”

“The size of this self-own is bigger than the sun,” Conservative journalist Doug Powers wrote.

Conservative radio host Michael Berry took the sarcastic route, writing, “Stay strong, Queen. In a world of knaves, numbskulls, & fools, you alone are wise. Lead on, visionary vixen, our nation needs you now more than ever.”

Conservative journalist and media personality Megyn Kelly also blasted the Texas representative on her talk show, saying her explanation “makes it worse.”