Jewish Yale Student Stabbed With Palestinian Flag

A Jewish student journalist from Yale University got stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag while she was reporting on an anti-israeli protest at the school on Saturday night.

Sahar Tartak, the editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, was covering the protest in which hundreds of students camped at the campus in support of Palestinians when she suddenly found herself surrounded by a mob of protesters.

According to her, the crowd had singled out her and a friend she went to the protest with as they wore Hasidic Jewish attire and were “identifiably Jewish.”

The demonstrators surrounded the two Jews in order to interfere with their filming. Tartak and her friend would later get separated in the chaos and at some point, the demonstrators formed a circle around her, taunting her with incendiary slogans.

Recalling the incident in a conversation with The Post, Tartak said, “There’s hundreds of people taunting me and waving the middle finger at me, and then this person waves a Palestinian flag in my face and jabs it in my eye.”

“When I tried to yell and go after him, the protesters got in a line and stopped me,” she went further.

According to her, the protesters were mocking her without making an effort to track down the man who assaulted her.

“He had anonymity because of the keffiyeh. The organizers encourage anonymity at these events because it creates immunity, so that students can physically assault people like me and then get away with it,” Tartak told Fox News.

According to the reporter, she reported the assault to police who called her an ambulance to the hospital to get the wounded eye checked out.

Tartak blames the university for allowing the protest to go that far by failing to crack down on it. According to her, violence was a given, as the ivy league school refused to intervene, thereby leaving the demonstrators to do as they liked as they were no administrators at the protest or campus police who were ready to disband the protest should things get violent.

Decrying the violence as “mob violence,” Tarak highlighted the importance of seeing the protests that have been held lately across the United States and beyond as “violence against Jewish people” and “violence against the West.”

“So what’s going to happen, God forbid, more students get beat up, more of nothing happens, and then in a couple of years, these gangsters take over the universities. Allowing them to push the envelope is so dangerous. I am lucky that guy’s flag wasn’t pointy at the end,” she added.

An image Tartak took of the protesters who jabbed her in the eye has been shared by Stop Antisemitism, a nonprofit watchdog group, in an effort to get the public help identify him.

On Sunday, Yale President Salovey published a statement acknowledging reports of “egregious behavior” that had emerged from the protest while defending the protests at the same time.

“We do not agree on everything, but we all have a responsibility to do our part in fostering a community in which we can have open, civil discussions about any topic, no matter how complex and how difficult. As members of a university committed to learning and the search for truth, we can do no less,” he said.