Man Recalls Troubling Date In Viral Story

In a story that has been making waves, a man from Michigan recounted his experience going on a date with a woman he met on an online dating app.

According to influencer Ryan Michael Annese, he took his date to a Chinese restaurant he frequents. What he would experience was countless red flags on a different level.

According to Annese, the date, who he referred to as “Felony Melanie,” said that she did not like Chinese food, despite agreeing to go to the restaurant in the first place. However, she declined his offer to switch venues, saying she was a “people pleaser.”

As Annese recounted, he said, “She goes, ‘It’s okay. I’m used to mirroring people.’ I go, red flag.”

However, that would be the lightest red flag from a trove of many. Annese later went to the bathroom. Upon his return, he saw that his iphone was disabled for five minutes. While he said he initially did not think much of it and had brushed it away thinking he mistakenly tapped in the passcode himself, he would later realize that that couldn’t have been the case.

“My phone was disabled not just for one minute, but for five. Which means someone tried my passcode and then after it was disabled for a minute, tried it again after,” he said.

Later during the date, Felony Melanie reportedly asked if he wanted them to go to his home. However, Annese said he made an excuse to avoid going home with her, saying, “I’m kind of tired. I might just head home…”

Felony Melanie reportedly did not take his refusal well as she reportedly replied, saying, “Whatever, I have another date after this anyway, so it doesn’t even matter. I’m going to go.”

She then walked out, after which Annese put cash on the table for the bill and left too. It was not until later that the restaurant told him that he had not paid for the bill he and Felony Melanie accrued on their date.

Being certain that he paid for the tab, he got the restaurant to check the security footage from that date. Upon the review, he found that Felony Melanie had returned to the restaurant after he left and took the cash he dropped on the table.

The footage also showed her trying to unlock his phone, answering the question of how his phone got disabled for five minutes after his trip to the bathroom.

Emphasizing his disgust at the situation, Annese said, “She needs to be arrested, and it’s absolutely disgusting. I went to the doctor right away because I was like, ‘Why did she put my phone underneath her?’ I talk on that thing [with my phone to my face].”