Man Transforms Into Collie Dog, Says It’s His Lifelong Dream

In a rather peculiar and eyebrow-raising tale, a Japanese man has recently garnered attention for his rather bizarre “transformation” into an animal. This individual, who goes by the mysterious moniker “Toco,” spent a whopping $14,000 on a custom-made collie dog costume, all in a bid to live out his childhood dream of becoming an animal.

Toco’s escapades were brought to the limelight through his YouTube channel, aptly named “I Want To Be An Animal,” where he showcases his incredible metamorphosis into a collie dog using a custom-made costume.

The video quickly went viral, amassing over 3 million views on YouTube, leaving many questioning the motivations behind Toco’s peculiar desires. Having stepped out for the first time in public, he can be seen in the video interacting with real-life dogs and unsuspecting individuals, all while discreetly hiding his true identity as a grown man literally donned in animal clothing.

Per Blaze Media, Toco got his collie costume from a Japanese company that produces costumes for TV and movies. According to the company called Zeppet, it took 40 days to create such costumes.

Toco, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that he fears judgment from friends and coworkers if they were to discover his unconventional hobby. He has expressed concern that his passion for becoming an animal might be perceived as unusual or weird by those around him.

“My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal. They think it’s weird that I want to be a dog. For the same reason why I can’t show my real face,” he told the Mirror.

Having kept his desires hidden for most of his life, Toco’s fascination with transforming into an animal dates back to his childhood. “Do you remember your dreams from when you are little? You want to be a hero or a wizard. I remember writing in my grade school graduation book that I wanted to be a dog and walk outside,” he shared.

“Ever since I was a small child, I wanted to be an animal. I think it is a desire to transform. I’ve thought about it since I can remember,” he added.

Toco’s moves have raised more than a few eyebrows as many have questioned his sanity.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with pursuing one’s passions, it becomes questionable when those passions involve parading around in an animal costume and trying to pass off as a real-life dog.