‘Monty Python’ Alum Suggests Hitler Was ‘Preferable’ To Trump

“Monty Python” alumnus John Cleese faced heavy backlash after a post in which he suggested that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is much ‘preferable’ to former President Donald Trump.

In the post made to X, Cleese listed six ways that Hitler was “preferable” to Trump but only two ways Trump was “preferable” to Hitler.

In a list of “Five ways that Hitler was preferable to Trump,” the actor listed, “He fought for his country,” “He never used a teleprompter,” “He was nice to dogs,” “He wrote his own books,” “He never played golf” and “He wasn’t a big fat slob.”

However in a list of “Five ways Trump is preferable to Hitler,” he only listed two, stating, “He doesn’t practice genocide” and “He has nicer hair.”

The tweet was met with widespread criticism, with actor Matthew Marsden commenting, “I cannot express how disappointing this is.”

“Wow, these people are so sick with TDS they’re willing to praise Hitler who murdered 6 million Jews. What happened to the Democratic Party?” another user wrote.

Aaron Worthing weighed in on the tweet to complete the list, writing, “Good lord, what in the Life of Brian is this stupidity? And it’s worth noting Trump is preferable because, in addition to your points: 3. He didn’t become a dictator 4. His Supreme Court appointments strengthened freedom of expression and the right to bear arms—two important bulwarks of our democracy 5. He made historic strides in Middle East peace and kept Putin out of Ukraine.”

“I’ll be the first to admit he has flaws but this is ridiculous,” Worthing added.

“Dumbest, most tone-deaf and deranged post of the year goes to…,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha tweeted.

“If you’re TDS is so bad that you are looking for HItler’s good qualities; you may be the bad person,” another user pointed out.


It appears Cleese expected backlash for his tweet as he issued an apology post four minutes after his original tweet.

“I would like to apologize for my last tweet. It was a very bad joke, especially on Boxing Day,” he wrote.