Parental Rights Advocates And LGBTQ+ Activists Collide In Heated Standoff

In a standoff on Tuesday, tensions flared as parental rights advocates and LGBTQ+ activists clashed outside the Los Angeles Unified School District’s headquarters. 

The dueling protests led to the street outside the LAUSD headquarters being blocked, prompting police intervention. Officers formed a barrier between the two groups to prevent the situation from escalating. At one juncture, a dispersal order was issued, and despite some resistance, a few of the protesters were subsequently arrested.

According to KCAL, the arrested individuals included two LGBTQ+ supporters and one parental rights advocate identified as 46-year-old Linda Daitsman, 23-year-old Robert Maxie and 49-year-old Gordon Shiva. All three suspects are being held on $5,000 bail.

The dispute revolved around the school district’s notification policies and whether parents should be informed if their child identifies as a gender different from their biological sex.

Reports indicate that the situation turned violent, with several individuals taken into custody for alleged acts of aggression towards law enforcement officers. Instances of shoving officers and hurling objects were cited in the disturbance.

The march was organized by the “Leave Our Kids Alone” group, which advocates for parental rights. Their primary demand is for the school district to implement a policy mandating that parents be informed when their child expresses a desire to identify with a gender other than their birth sex. 

Ben Richards, a vocal advocate for parental rights, voiced his stance on the matter, saying, “We want, in law, a parental notification measure to let us in on how our child is being raised. But the fact of the matter is, we have people fighting us against it because they want to hide things from parents.”

He further underscored that there seems to be resistance because some parties want to withhold information from parents. 

The counterprotest that stood in opposition to the parental rights group was organized by Ground Game L.A. They converged on the rally to voice their disagreement with the proposed changes in notification policies. This opposing side of the matter expressed concerns about potential harm to children who might be in unsafe situations if their gender identity were disclosed to their families without their consent.