Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan Faces Marital Controversy 

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is facing allegations of extramarital affairs as his wife has filed for divorce. Melody Duncan, who has been married to the congressman since December 1988, lodged her divorce papers in Laurens County last Friday, accusing her husband of not just one but multiple extramarital affairs.

According to Melody, Duncan left their family home to live with another woman. The filing identified the mistress as Liz Williams, purportedly a lobbyist based in Washington, D.C.

Per the complaint, Duncan confessed to her that he had an ongoing extramarital relationship with Williams. This startling revelation wasn’t confined to their private conversations as Duncan reportedly admitted his adulterous involvement to various individuals, including “[the couple’s three sons] and members of his staff.”

One particularly damning detail is the reference to an event held on Aug. 28th called the “Faith and Freedom BBQ,” a conservative fundraising gathering where Duncan publicly praised Melody as his loving and supportive wife. Yet, as the complaint suggests, he departed the very next day, heading directly to the home of Liz Williams in Washington, D.C., where he is believed to be residing to this day.

Melody, in her filing, further alleges that her husband’s extramarital dealings are a badly kept secret in South Carolina and Washington D.C., as he allegedly flaunted his affair with Williams in her face.

“[Melody] is informed and believes that [Duncan’s] extramarital relationship(s) is/are widely known in political circles of South Carolina and Washington D.C.,” the complaint stated.

It contends that Duncan has been portraying his marriage to Melody as loveless to justify the apparent hypocrisy between his private actions and his public statements in which he positions himself as an advocate of pro-family values and traditional marriage.

In her divorce filing, Melody seeks permanent and periodic alimony, as well as possession of their marital residence and their Montana home. She also requests that Duncan be held solely responsible for outstanding debts and other financial obligations. 

Additionally, she calls for the maintenance of health insurance for herself and their children, coverage of both their uncovered medical expenses and the payment of attorney’s costs and fees, among other requests.