Texas’ Greg Abbott Slams National Guard, Space Force Proposal As ‘Power Grab’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is raising opposition to a Biden admin proposal that seeks to move members of the Air National Guard to the Space Force without consent from the governors of the respective states.

Calling the plan a “power grab,” Abbott argued that it would sideline governors as the commanders-in-chief of the National Guard in each U.S. state and territory.

“By departing from this sensible arrangement, and allowing the Secretaries to dismantle National Guard units on a whim, Legislative Proposal 480 would set a dangerous precedent. Members of the Texas National Guard must always stand ready to respond to natural disasters, civil disturbances, and cartel activity that threaten our way of life,” he stated.

Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden on May 3, slamming the proposal as an “intolerable threat” to the National Guard.

“That proposal would give the Secretary of the Air Force unilateral authority to transfer Air National Guard units to the Space Force — without first obtaining gubernatorial consent,” he wrote.

The Republican governor also came together with over 50 other governors to write Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to call for the discontinuation of LP480, arguing that it “disregards gubernatorial authorities regarding the National Guard and undermines over 100 years of precedent as well as national security and military readiness.”

“Ensuring the National Guard is adequately equipped with the resources and capabilities to serve as the operational combat reserve for national security missions and to support domestic emergencies is among the National Governors Association’s highest priorities. It is imperative that Governors retain the authority laid out in the Unites States Code (U.S.C.) Title 32, Section 104. LP480 undercuts this critical authority by allowing a transfer of covered space units from the National Guard to the United States Space Force without abiding by Title 32 or Title 10,” the governors added.