Tim Scott Blasts Far-Left Commentator For Attack On Black Republicans

After far-left commentator Elie Mystal claimed that black Republicans existed only because “the grift is good,” Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) blasted her train of thought during a Fox News interview on Friday with Trace Gallagher.

Accusing liberals of “shaking in their boots,” Scott said, What you hear is fear. It’s palpable. Why? Because without the black vote, there is no Democrat Party. President Trump is not playing racial politics, but he is aware that America builds a better future together. He is aware that making sure that all Americans have a chance to live their version of the American dream, it’s good for our country.”

“So absolutely, the Left, they’re losing their minds because they’re losing their voters. It’s good news for our future, and it’s great news for right now. We must win because September and October, the Democrats are going to pull out all stops. They are going to do things including lying and cheating without any question,” he added.

“The coalition will stand the test of time because we have a record to run on,” the former Republican presidential primary candidate went further, adding, “It’s not promises of the future. It’s the fact that we brought more money to black colleges than any other president. It’s the fact that we cut taxes for a single parent by 70%. It’s good news. We have a record to run on, and it’s time that we did that.”

Mystal was not the only one caught on Scott’s wrong side over Trump on Friday. Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler also got a hit from him for saying that rapper 50 Cent “cannot vote” for Trump during the 2020 election because he is Black.

In a post on X reacting to the clip of Handler saying, “I had to remind him that he’s a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,” Scott responded, “Yes, by all means, please tell another Black man how to think, White lady.”

Scott’s recent call-outs come after he schooled hosts of “The View” after they mocked his leadership in bringing Black voters to the Republican Party.

Speaking with Hannity, the lawmaker said, “Women of “The View”: My goodness gracious. Let me just be plain and simple. Without the Black vote, there is no Democratic Party. And since I was elected in 2010 to Congress, before that, no Black Republicans [in Congress]. But since then, there’s been seven.”

Pointing out that “President Trump’s policies have led to a surge” of Black Republican political candidates taking office at the “city level, to the county level, to the state level, and in Congress,” Scott added, “We’re seeing Black city council members, we’re seeing Black assembly members all across this nation. There is a wave of Black elected officials who happen to be Republicans. But the Black vote is following.”