Tim Scott Introduces Girlfriend At Republican Presidential Debate

In a moment that surprised many at the end of the third Republican presidential debate in Miami on Wednesday, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) was seen on stage with a woman said to be his girlfriend. According to reporters, including Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard, the GOP presidential nominee-hopeful revealed who she is.

In a post on X, Kinnard wrote, “Sen @VoteTimScott’s campaign confirms to me that the woman seen on stage with him after tonight’s GOP debate is his girlfriend, Mindy.” 

The scene unfolded as the debate concluded, with Sen. Scott walking to the edge of the stage to greet Mindy, who was dressed in a light-gray pantsuit. The pair held hands at some point, a gesture noted by reporters and some audience members.

While Scott’s campaign initially only provided Mindy’s first name, online investigators found information about her. According to multiple news outlets, Mindy Noce is a design and renovations manager at a real estate company in Charleston, South Carolina, and a mother of three. While the campaign confirmed her as Sen. Scott’s girlfriend, further details were not provided.


Scott, who is the only unmarried major candidate in the presidential race, discussed his single status in interviews in September. During an appearance on Fox News, he referred to Mindy as a “wonderful girlfriend” and described her as a “smart Christian woman.”

The senator also revealed to The Washington Post that their love story began late last year when a close friend from his church introduced them. Initially hesitant, Scott said he changed his mind after seeing a picture of Mindy. 

He, however, declined to reveal her identity at the time, making it clear that he wouldn’t involve her in the campaign trail “unless I have the intention of marrying her.” He expressed his hope for the future, stating, “I hope that happens.”

During the interview, Scott further acknowledged the unique challenges of a presidential campaign and his commitment to protecting his family and loved ones. “I signed up for this,” he said, “If we make it, she will be signing up for it as well, but at least then she’ll know what she’s getting into. But until then, the only conversation I’m going to have about her in any form or fashion is right now.”