Tractor-Trailer Leaves Five Women Dead, Man Injured

Five women were killed in a tractor-trailer accident on Tuesday night in Pennsylvania. The incident, which occurred on Lackawanna County’s Interstate 81, also had a man injured.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the tractor-trailer was set in motion when a 2022 Honda Odyssey with four people in it lost control and hit a concrete divider on the northbound interstate.

The vehicle had been traveling with another car, which had two relatives of the four people in the minivan. Hence, the second car, an Audi A6 parked on the right after the crash so one of the two people in it could go over and help those in the first vehicle.

After the woman in the second vehicle crossed over to help with the first car, a tractor-trailer struck the driver’s side of the first vehicle, hitting and killing the five women. Two of the Honda’s occupants had been in the car while two were standing outside along with the Audi occupant when the tractor-trailer crashed into them.

Police report states that the truck continued to push the Honda north for a while before coming to a complete stop.

According to USA TODAY, the women were all declared dead right at the accident scene.

The victims who were fatally struck were identified as 19-year-old Aleen Ameen, 42-year-old Harvrist Zebari, 43-year-old Berivan Zebara, 56-year-old Shahzinaz Mizouri and 71-year-old Fatma Ahmed. According to authorities, they were all from New York.

Only the driver of the Audi, 22-year-old Parjan Ameen, survived the accident among the relatives, as he only sustained moderate injuries.

The truck driver sustained minor injuries, according to police. It is unclear how.

Further information on the crash is not available as police said they are still investigating the crash as investigators are seeking to know the cause.