Trans Player Dominates NC Female Cycling Competition Again

Controversial transgender cyclist Austin Killips has caused a stir among participants and spectators alike after claiming first place in the women’s category of a cycling event in North Carolina. 

The Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina witnessed an impressive display of athleticism from Killips, who established an early lead in the grueling 137-mile race. While female riders Paige Onweller and Flavia Oliveira put up an effort, Killips surged ahead, leaving them trailing behind. Ultimately, Killips defeated Onweller by a wide five-minute margin.

The victory has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding fairness and inclusivity in women’s sports. For many, the game lacked fairness as the others did not stand a chance given Killips’ advanced abilities as a biological male.

This is not the first time Killips has participated in women’s cycling events. Since 2019, when he adopted a female identity, there have been several instances of him excelling in these competitions thanks to his biological advantage.

Before this win, he faced accusations of attempting to push female cyclist Hannah Arensman off the racing course during the UCI Cyclocross National Championships in December 2022. 

But the 27-year-old does not appear to be bothered about the valid concerns surrounding his participation in women’s sports. After his victory this weekend, he stated that he won as a result of hard work, determination and his ability to tackle challenging sections. 

“It was just a grueling effort. I am just really proud to lay it out there and get the result. I asserted myself and was able to get a gap early,” he said, per Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Onweller pointed to the difference in power between herself and Killips. During a post-race news release, the actual female cyclist suggested the need for a separate category to address any potential biological advantages. 

“In the future, I feel a separate category is appropriate, but event promoters are also learning what is best to preserve both female cycling while also creating an inclusive space for all to ride. These things take both time and grace to resolve,” she stated.

Even as she expressed her respect for transgender athletes while also maintaining a positive outlook and refraining from airing her personal opinions, she stated, “The top three women were together, me, Flavia and Austin…I just kind of couldn’t match, you know, Austin and some of the single track and, you know, the power is just not comparable.”