Helicopter Plunges Into Lake, Passengers Walk Away Unharmed

A Robinson R22 helicopter carrying two individuals crashed into the waters of Cedar Lake in Indiana on Monday, but miraculously, both passengers managed to survive the crash.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing the helicopter flying over their homes before the crash occurred. One of them, David Crane, who lives just a few doors down, recalled the moment he heard the splash of the helicopter dropping into the lake.

“I heard it and I stood up, and a few seconds later I got a text from my wife who’s a 911 operator, and she said that there was a plane crash in the lake by our house,” he recounted.

Another resident, Joyce Gluth said the sound of the chopper drew her to the lake. “Well I just heard it going over and then my kids called and said, ‘did you hear what’s going on in the lake?’ and so I walked and came down,” she stated.

Despite the depth of the water being around 8 feet, the helicopter sank soon after the crash, with only one blade visible above the water’s surface. The passengers, whose identities remain undisclosed, were able to get out of the water in good condition as authorities say they declined treatment even though they were shaken up.

To ensure environmental safety, emergency crews deployed a boom to contain any potential leaks from the helicopter. By 5 p.m., recovery efforts commenced, with the aircraft being pulled out of the lake.

Investigations into the crash are now underway, led by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board, according to FOX 32. The helicopter’s tail number revealed it to be registered under SummerSkyz, a reputable chopper training school and tour company. While contacted for a statement, the company declined to comment on the incident.

In awe of the outcome, Indiana Conservation Officer Alex Neel described the incident as “incredible.” 

“It’s a helicopter crashing into a lake with a depth you cannot touch, just 8 feet deep. The fact that the helicopter crashed and they were okay, able to swim to shore, is nothing short of a miracle,” he stated.